Where am I going?

Hello World,

So as I mentioned in my first post, not only am I volunteering in Fiji this summer (the main and initial purpose of this whole trip) but I am also visiting 6 – yes, SIX – other countries!

With the idea that while I am over the other side of the world I may as well see a bit of it (even if it is just a little snippet of each location), my flight searching began!


Being a student meant that I had the incredible option of booking flights through STA Travel who not only provide students with great flight deals but have an amazing team who actually set up multiple itinerary options and can help you step-by-step through the whole flight booking process. I must admit, I was very over-excited when I got a place on the Think Pacific project and so my travel choices were extremely ambitious, however this didn’t stop the lovely people over at STA who gave me multiple itineraries until we found the perfect solution for us!

One thing I love about STA is that they are great with contact and I never had to wait long to hear back from them about other options/flight times/dates. Not only that but they use well-connected airlines which gives you that extra bit of reliability (well, as much as possible) when it comes to flying. Another bonus is that certain bookings can qualify for a deposit option, where only a portion  of the total amount if required as an upfront payment  and then you can pay the rest over time leading up to your departure. This was a life-saver for me as with my student loans coming in each semester it meant I could have the amazing trip I wanted and it wouldn’t be such an immediate financial hit.

If you are a student looking to plan an upcoming gap year, backpacking trip, or summer away, I would highly recommend contacting STA Travel and getting their help as they really did make my life so much easier when it came to booking flights.

The Trip

So, where am I actually going?

Our first stop, after a layover in Dubai is Singapore. We are only a few days in most places, as we wanted a taster of what there is to see across the world in what time we had available this summer.

After 3 days in Singapore, we fly to Auckland, New Zealand. This visit lasts 4 days before we then jet off to Fiji.

We are spending a whole month in Fiji as part of a Think Pacific team that will be volunteering in a rural Fijian village. Our project lasts from the 6th July to the 3rd August, although we arrive in Fiji a little early to have some extra time to soak up the sun and enjoy lying on the beach!

Once we leave Fiji we fly straight to Sydney, Australia. We are in Sydney for 4 days before our next VERY long flight.

11 hours later we land in Shanghai. A 3 day trip to explore the highlights of the city and immerse ourselves in the culture before a little 2 day stop over in Seoul. 

Last but most definitely not least we head over to Tokyo! Here we will be spending 6 days at the end of our trip before returning to the UK.

It definitely is going to be an intense, crazy and unforgettable adventure. While we aren’t in each place long, we are hoping to get a good taster of each city in the hopes we can come back and explore the cities and countries further one day!

So that’s where I am going. Look out for blog posts the next couple of days talking all about my project, what I know so far, what I’m expecting and what I hope to achieve. As well as ones discussing my kit and what I’m taking on this two month adventure!

Yaz x

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