We’re not in England anymore…

Hello World!

Sorry for going MIA! I had hoped to get another post up before I left but everything got very last minute and crazy and before I knew it I was on an airplane! I’m now in Singapore. And have been here for two days. Time feels really weird and is passing very strangely. I still don’t quite believe I’m here.

We had around 14hours and one flight connection that was pretty much walking off one plane and onto the next! It was very long and the one and off plane naps made everything feel weird! But we made it to Singapore Wednesday morning and spent the day exploring the city (while exhausted) and going to the Asian Civilisations Museum – which was really interesting and had some lovely collections in it!

Our hostel for the first night of our stay was MET A Space Pod, Boat Quay. And I was really pleased with it. It was basic, well kept hostel with friendly staff and the space pods were great! They were private and comfortable and very unique. I’m really glad we decided to spend a night their as it was a fun experience and I’d definitely recommend it. The location is incredible too! Boat Quay is amazing and I think it may be my favourite area of the city.

Our first proper meal we spent in Boat Quay after being promised 2 free drinks each by an eager waiter trying to wrangle people into their restaurant (which was very busy). We sat outside by the water and had beer and wine along with a lovely stir fried beef/ginger meal and sticky rice. It was a lovely first dinner.

We tried to get a good night sleep so we could make the most of the next day. Wednesday was warm and humid but rather overcast and drizzly. The rest of the week seemed to be similar but waking up Thursday it was VERY sunny! Very sunny and intense and humid!

We moved to our next hostel Beary Good Lodge (I booked Beary Best Hostel But was contacted about having a free upgrade to a private room at the lodge). It’s very basic. It’s fine, but simple and the air con works which is a plus as we struggled to get that working at first! It’ll do for a couple nights, I think it would have been nice to have stayed in Beary Best Hostel rather than the lodge as this is much quieter and out of the way as opposed to it’s more communal counterpart but we have our own little room so it’s nice to just have everything safe and in your own space.

Our day today (Thursday) has been awesome! We did the Gardens by the Bay which I can not recommend enough!!! It’s absolutely beautiful and really really impressive! The cloud forest was my personal favourite and I would go back in a heartbeat – it’s also really cool inside!

Our plans for the SkyPark at Marina Bay Sands fell through as we saw the price just to go to the small observation deck and thought it a bit much as we had hoped to be able to get some food up there for lunch. So we decided to reserve a table for Friday night and have a nice final evening meal at the top of the hotel overlooking Singapore (I’m very excited).

We took a little riverboat cruise in the evening which was nice and cool. It was pretty seeing the city lit up from the water and we learnt some facts about the sites along the banks too! Finally we headed back to Chinatown – where our hostel is located – to get a late dinner, and we ended up getting SO much food.

If you find yourselves in Singapore, head to Chinatown and go to the Chinatown Seafood Restaurant. It was AMAZING! We got a lot of food – around 5 large dishes to share plus 2 drinks for a total of around £40 GBP equivalent. It was very good food and even at 10:30pm had a nice bustling atmosphere.

It’s now 1:30am here in Singapore and I should be sleeping. It’s our last day tomorrow and we are hoping to go to the botanical gardens for the day before our SkyPark dinner reservation.

Fingers crossed I’ll be able to keep more on top of this, even if the pots become brief! I’ll also work out how to add photos to my posts from my phone… so stay tuned! I’ll be back soon!

Yaz x

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