I can’t believe I’m actually here…

I’m in Fiji. It seems weird to say that. It’s been so long coming and I’m finally, actually here. It definitely feels strange. The first two nights at the beach hostel near Nadi airport (Bamboo Beach) were pretty relaxed. We got to meet our team for our Think Pacific project who are all so lovely.

Today, the 6th July (although this post is going up on the 7th) is the official start date of our project. Which means it’s officially the beginning of my month living in Fiji and what is going to be the hardest, most challenging but hopefully most rewarding, month of my life.

We drove down to Mango Bay Resort – closer to Suva – as this is where we are staying during our few days of ‘project briefing’.

It’s been great already. We’ve swam in the sea, the pool and done some team sports which were hilarious and so much fun! It’s also been challenging already and I had a bit of a teary-eyed moment where things got quite overwhelming. This is very literally only just the start…

Today we also found out, for currently unknown reasons, that our village location has COMPLETELY changed! Instead of a highland village on the main island that is not far from Nadi, we are now on an island that lies to the east of Viti Levu at a beach location village. It’s a last minute sudden change but rather exciting. Apparently this island is the island where Think Pacific began, so it’s very meaningful. 

It’s very exciting though, aside from not having reef shoes (a worry of mine as I already have a cut foot from broken glass in the sea). The island is called Moturiki and is 10km in size (VERY TINY!) It’s home to 10 villages but that’s all we know yet as we haven’t heard any more details as to exactly where we will be.

Briefing lasts 3 days. And tomorrow (7th) is our first full day of information-overload lessons. On Monday we will be heading to the village, now by boat instead of car. 

I am excited, everyone is SO lovely and I’m prepared for and open to how hard it’s going to be. However, it doesn’t make the hard bits any easier. I am so glad I’m doing this, I never in my life thought I’d be able to. I just can’t believe I am actually here and in just a couple days the real adventure starts… so stay tuned!

Yaz x 

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