A brief summary of a brief trip to Sydney.

*Excuse the lateness of this post – by the time I got round to trying to upload it I was in China, meaning I couldn’t access the internet properly. Anyway, here it is! Better late than never… enjoy!

My travels so far have whizzed by in a flash and Sydney was no exception. I’ve been away a full 6 weeks, with only around 2 weeks left until I’m home and it feels more and more like a dream everyday! 

3 days in Sydney wasn’t nearly enough time to fully enjoy this city, but despite being winter we were blessed with rather good weather and the past few days have been a lovely escape back into what I guess you could call ‘western civilisation.’ 

Our first day was spent wandering the city, the botanic gardens and the opera house. We had lovely lunch in the sun at the Quay after taking the guided opera house tour. It was quick but worth it, especially if you book online as there’s a slight discount. Having not known much about its history I learnt a lot and we even got to see a musician rehearsing in the concert hall briefly. Another bonus of the tour is that it means you can get a pretty amazing deal on actual opera tickets. This resulted in our evening spent sat in the centre of Row A of the circle watching Rigoletto in the Sydney Opera House. It was pretty incredible.

Day 2 was our day at Bondi Beach. We met a couple of friends there, who had been on our project and who also had travelled to Sydney, and spent the day with them wandering the markets, getting giant ice creams and sitting on the beach. The sky was blue and the sun was shining and rather warm despite the winter breeze. It was a really lovely day that we ended meeting up again in the city for a couple drinks at a pub. 

Our third and final day we did a free walking tour of the city with the same two friends and had a great time. The company was ‘I’m free walking tours’ and I was really impressed with what we saw and learnt. Our tour guide was really good and it was a good few hours spent seeing more of the city that we definitely wouldn’t have otherwise managed to fit into the short time we were there. We ventured into The Rocks for lunch to try the ‘coat of arms’ pizza, named due to the fact it has emu and kangaroo on it (the two animals on Australia’s coat of arms – surprise surprise!). It was actually really good and the four of us we made our way through two of them in a matter of minutes. Late afternoon was spent back in the city before checking it of our hostel before our early morning departure the next day. Our final dinner we met up with another two friends as well and had a lovely Thai meal together before we all go our separate ways tomorrow (until we are reunited back at Uni in Cardiff). 

These last few days went by unbelievably fast and although we didn’t get to see as much as I’d have hoped I know that I’ll definitely be returning to Australia and this lovely city. I now have a long list of everything to do upon my return (hopefully when it’s a little warmer too!)

The next stop is Shanghai, for an even shorter stop off that I know will go by even faster. Before I know it I’ll be on the long flight home. It’s only 12 days until I arrive back into the U.K. now and my summer adventure is over. As I said before, it feels more and more like a dream each day that passes and I know that when I get home I’ll struggle to comprehend that any of it even happened. 

I definitely think I’ve got the travel bug now and I know I’m already counting down the days until I can afford and plan my next adventure. There’s so much to see and do and now I’ve got a glimpse I can’t wait to explore the rest of the world. 

The rest of this week is going to fly by and by Sunday I’ll have completed two more countries off this itinerary and be in the final stop on the trip. It’s going to be a busy week so I reckon I’ll be back with a double country update after Shanghai and Seoul. Until then… 

Yaz x 

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