Popping into Shanghai and Seoul.

Our 5th and 6th stops on this trip were Shanghai and Seoul and they really were unlike anywhere else! With just 5 days spanning our time in both China and South Korea, we didn’t have long to explore these cities, but what we did get a chance to see was an amazing experience that has definitely ignited a love of the Asian culture and a need to come back and see more (both of these two cities as well as the rest of the countries they belong to.

Our few days spent in Shanghai saw us exploring the culture, both old and new. We visited magnificent temples and wandered around the city. We met a lovely mother and son who we spent an hour or so with talking about their culture and our culture and speaking to the little boy in English to help improve his language ability. We saw the city from up close and from afar and marvelled at how beautiful it is – from the ancient temples to the glass skyscrapers. Our two full days went by way too fast and even though we packed our time full of exploring there is always so much more to see! Despite this we had an amazing time in China and spending time around its food, people and history.

Our next stop, not much more than a layover outside of the airport, was Seoul, South Korea. Not nearly enough time to see this city and its surroundings but we got a taste of Korean food and spent a long full day dragging our feet around the city of Seoul in the heat. The palaces were beautiful and sparse with gorgeous designs painted along the buildings and the little Hanok villages were like something out of a story (but no, they are actually people’s homes!) The food was amazing and we had a go at a Korean BBQ despite the lady pretty much handing over our table and guiding us through the meal – it was still a lot of fun and extremely tasty! That one full day exhausted us, after nearly 7 weeks of travelling non-stop a day walking non-stop in 34 degree heat knocked us out, but we made the most of our limited time there and wandered around as long as we could before crashing into bed before our flight the next day.

If I’d thought the trip had whizzed by I really didn’t know what I was talking about until our time in Shanghai and Seoul has come and gone in the blink of an eye. The 7th to the 12th August are a blur of colourful buildings, bustling summer streets and a LOT of good food. 

And then the time came to move on to our 7th and final stop, the last city of our ‘Summer Adventure’ – Tokyo, Japan. 

Sorry for how late (and brief) this post is. I keep saying how quickly everything has gone by and how I’ve been rushed off my feet, I know it must seem like I’m just repeating myself but it couldn’t be more true! I honestly just haven’t got round to sitting down and writing it until now (my 5 hour layover in Dubai on my way home!?) A Japan post will be coming soon so keep an eye out for that to!!

On my way home now it feels like everything has been a dream. It doesn’t seem like I could have actually been to all these places and seen all these things. I’m sure once I’m home it’ll feel even more like it never happened but I have the stories and memories to prove it did. Thank you so much for reading about my travels and adventures and following along with all I’ve done and seen. Although my stories from this trip are coming to an end very soon, there will still be posts going up about whatever new things pop up on my path so stick around! 

See you around,

Yaz x 

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