Disney CEP – Before the Final Interview

So, what comes next?

If you have got a final interview for Disney’s Cultural Exchange Program then, Congratulations! You are one step closer to Disney World! However, before you head to Disney HQ for your interview there are a few things you’re going to need to do.

After you’ve got your email from yummy jobs the first thing you need to do is reply and confirm your acceptance of your final interview.

Then, after you’ve confirmed your place you’ll get an email from Disney International Recruiting. The subject line will start: Disney International Programs and this email is inviting you to complete an application for the J1 Cultural Exchange Program on the Disney Careers site. This part is just so the Disney company can have all your information and contact details on their system so all that you need to do is follow the link they provide in the email (it’s a specific link to you that you cannot forward on). Once you’re on the Disney Careers site create an account, if you don’t already have one (you might if you’ve worked for or applied to a Disney Store) and then enter your information. They basically need everything you entered on your initial Yummy Jobs application so it isn’t too difficult to complete as you can pretty much copy everything across – including uploading your CV and Cover Letter.

Once you’ve submitted the application you will shortly receive an email letting you know they’ve received your application. It might take a bit of time to update your Disney Careers online dashboard but you’re application will eventually move to the ‘Stage 3’ section, which just means they have your details and are expecting you at final interviews.

This year a lot of people had issues with their applications not showing up properly on their dashboard after they had been submitted. If you can’t see it and you’re on a mobile device then try it on a computer or laptop, if your application still won’t show up try loading your account through the initial email link Disney sent you and it should appear. That seemed to work for everybody who had the problem this year – the site is just a little glitchy sometimes!

A week after submitting the applications to Disney everybody started receiving emails again. This time is was two were coming though – a ‘Invite to Schedule Presentation & Interview’ one and a ‘Complete your Role Checklist’ one. These came through in what we think was alphabetical order starting at around 5pm and there wasn’t a set order they came through, some received the role checklist first, others the interview scheduling one. Mine came in 2 hours later at 7pm (and I’m right at the end of the alphabet with a ‘W’ surname) and the first email I received was the Role Checklist one but the Interview one came a minute or so later.

I quickly opened up both the links and headed to choose my final interview time first. The final interviews are held at Disney HQ in Hammersmith, London and for this one you aren’t allocated a time slot but can instead choose what day and time you like from the available slots. Our interview dates are from the 6th-9th November and there are hourly slots throughout the day that you can select. It’s really quick and simple and everybody on the CEP 2019 chat seemed to be able to choose a perfect day and time to suit them without any trouble.

Once I had selected my interview I opened up the role checklist link. Here Disney details all the available roles and ask you to rank your role preferences ranging from High Interest to Moderate, Low or No Interest.

As before, with the Yummy Jobs role sheet, it is good to stay open and flexible so the more roles you put as High and Moderate the better. It’s best to stay away from low and only put No Interest if there is a role you really don’t want to do and have a good reason for why. If there is a particular role you really don’t want to do though don’t lie and do put it as No Interest as there’s no point risking getting cast in that if you are that opposed to it. I personally had all my roles as High and Moderate Interest as even though there are a few I am more interested in and I’d rather be placed in, I am open to trying any of the roles as I know I’ll be gaining valuable skills in an amazing company regardless of my role! However, I do know people who put Low/No for several roles so it is completely personal preference – try and be as flexible as possible while also being honest!

Once you’ve both scheduled your interview and completed your role checklist you’ll receive another email, mine arrived around 10 minutes later and this one is titled ‘Documents Required’.

Here you need to follow the link and register with DOC, Disney’s Document Management System. Once registered you need to upload a scan of your passport picture page, a completed student status form (more on this in a minute), any prior work visa’s if you’ve previously worked in the U.S. (this usually doesn’t apply), your current U.K. address and emergency contact details.

Disregarding the visa one, all of them are pretty simple and the only one that requires a bit of extra time is the student status form. It’s not very complicated but the wording is a little strange so make sure you read it carefully and if you have any queries email Yummy Jobs and check with them as they are here to help you along this journey! The form also needs to be taken to someone at your university who needs to sign and stamp it. I took mine to my School of Study and they were more than happy to help and the lady even sparked a conversation about how exciting it was when she saw the ‘Walt Disney World’ name on the top.

The email from Disney Recruiting tells you to upload this form along with all your other documents, however we received an email from Yummy Jobs later the following week telling us not to upload them to the system as it was important to make sure they were all correct before doing so and therefore we’d actually have them collected from us on the day of our interview by a member of the Yummy Jobs team and then passed on to Disney. I had already got mine signed and uploaded at this point so contacted Yummy Jobs and attached a photo of my form. They told me not to worry as DOC would reject the one I’d uploaded and that I should bring my one on the day. I was also told to change an error on my form, which I could just tippex and alter, but was made because of the slightly confusing wording.

After uploading the rest of your documents to DOC and completing your student form… you are done! Now begins the wait for your interview and the hunt for a business formal outfit – if you’re like me and don’t own any smart clothing!?

As I’m writing this post it’s T-16 days until my interview and honestly, I am so excited!

I’ll be back updating you on my final interview experience and letting you know exactly what it’s like in the magical Disney HQ offices in a few weeks so stay tuned!

Yaz x

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