Building the Lego Disney Castle

For my 20th birthday, back in April of 2018, I was lucky enough to have my loved ones chip in and gift me the Lego Cinderella Castle.

If you aren’t familiar with the castle then this is what it looks like:

It is AMAZING!!!

After receiving this gift in April, I then went on to finish my exams and second year of university, headed off volunteering and travelling for the summer, spent two weeks in Egypt and then moved back to uni for my third year while going through the CEP applications (of which I just had my final interview for, post on that coming soon) but finally, I got round to building this set! I’m only about 8 months late… oops!

It was definitely worth that wait though as bringing it to uni meant I had a quiet calm dog-free flat to spread out the 20+ bags of Lego, containing over 4000 pieces, without any worry!

In total it took about 8 hours of actual building time to complete, which I spread over two days as sadly I did have to attend uni in between but even though 8 hours seems a lot, it flew by!

The end result is a magnificent Lego castle with 5 mini-figures (Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy & Tinkerbell) and featuring details from 10 classic Disney movies that is now sat on my window sill to marvel at each day!

I even filmed the process of me building it, as I thought it’d be a lot of fun to look back on and see this huge castle emerge from some bags of Lego bricks. This resulted in me compiling the clips into a time-lapse video that is live and online for the world to see! Check out this link if you want to watch:

It was an extremely fun project that I’m sad is over but I couldn’t drag it out too long as a third year uni student shouldn’t really be spending 8 hours building Lego…

It’s a steep investment to make but if you’re a Lego and Disney fan it really is the ultimate gift to yourself! I can not recommend it enough, I only wish they had more big Disney sets like this (and that they weren’t so expensive!)

Maybe one day…

Yaz x

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