I decided to save everyone with the suspense by just throwing it right into the title but yes, it’s true, I really am moving to Walt Disney World!

I DID IT!!! I have been accepted on to the Walt Disney World Cultural Exchange Program for Summer 2019. From the 17th June to the 22nd August I will be living and working in Florida at Walt Disney World – WOAH!?

After 4 months worth of applications, interviews and a whole lot of waiting, on Tuesday 11th December, I got the wonderful CONGRATULATIONS email.

It came completely unexpectedly. Firstly, because Disney seem to like sending emails Monday, Wednesday, Friday and secondly, because it had already been 2 weeks since the first batch of people had received theirs and it really had got to the point where it felt like it was never going to come. But it did! And it was good news as well, which was a HUGE bonus!

The email came at 2:54pm (yes, I remember the time) and I had just laid out all my notes and plans for my final essay of the term & had popped the kettle on to make a cup of tea before starting the essay… little did I know it’d be a couple hours before I even started typing anything about Ancient Persian Objects!

I had just flicked the kettle on when my phone buzzed in my pocket. It was the ‘Disney Limbo’ group chat, as we had called ourselves since we were the ones who had been left in anticipation for 13 days. The message that had come through read ‘Emails!’ and my heart immediately started beating extra fast but I didn’t do anything for a second, I just watched my screen.

Nothing happened, nobody said anything else and I started getting very very anxious. I quickly jumped onto the chat and replied ‘wait what, emails? Now?’ or something along those lines and then waited… within a few seconds there was a ‘yes!’ in response.

My chest felt like it was going to burst and I felt increasingly nervous as I opened my emails app and then refreshed it… I wasn’t even looking at my phone screen because I was so scared but when I realised it had refreshed and I glanced down, relief and disbelief flooded over me as a big CONGRATULATIONS filled the subject line!

I didn’t scream or even say anything. I just stared in shock, my hands shaking. I opened the email and there it was. A full written out congratulations telling me I was going to be working at Disney World. I couldn’t believe it was actually happening.

Then I ran into the next room,showed Ali my phone screen and he was the one who screamed and jumped on me in excitement.

The next couple of hours were a flurry of messages, phone calls and of course, accepting the offer! I was added into new chats where everybody was going crazy, given a login for DORMS and the reality finally started to set in.

Many tears were shed and my hands didn’t stop shaking for AGES! A great example to show just how much of a bewildered state I was in is that I kicked a whole cup of tea over the floor because I was so out of it in excitement and shock! I was over the moon, over the whole universe in fact! From over 2500 people down to 180 – and I had made it! Even now it just seems too good to be true.

As you can imagine I could hardly concentrate on my essay after that, despite the crazy detailed planning I had done. But a few hours and 2000 words later, that was finally done too. And that was it. I could relax and really take a moment to realise that I was going to Disney World. (I’m just praying I didn’t butcher the essay too much… if I did then I blame Disney for their timing!)

As I’m writing this post it is 181 days until I fly out to Orlando to start my program. It still seems crazy to be saying that.

However, now comes the even crazier (and expensive) part – the planning, prepping and purchasing! I have made lists upon lists, watched tonnes of YouTube videos from previous CP’s and the group chat has been buzzing away with excitement, questions and planning!

I can’t wait to start this next adventure. Every time I think about it a whole new wave of excitement comes over me. As cliche as it sounds it really is as Walt Disney said, ‘if you can dream it, you can do it.’ I just cannot believe I actually did it – what the heck!? This has been such a huge dream of mine and it seems so surreal that’s it’s finally coming true!

I know I haven’t mentioned it yet and it’s what people will be wondering – what is my role!? But you’ll have to wait until the next post to find out because I’m going to write a whole post talking about it and what my initial thoughts on it are… so stay tuned!

For now please just squeal in excitement with me because… I AM MOVING TO WALT DISNEY WORLD !?

Yaz x

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