Disney CEP: The Visa Appointment.

Long time, no see! I’m writing this post a little late considering I had my Visa Appointment on the 25th April but better late than never!

I’ve been busy finishing uni, moving back home, working many hours and trying to get ready to leave for Florida but I have lots of exciting content coming up soon so keep your eyes peeled from now.

But first, let’s discuss the Visa Appointment or Visa Interview as it is also referred to despite bearing little to no likeness to an interview at all.

However, before you even get to the embassy you will be required to fill in a lot of online forms. These are strange, and a little confusing at times but with a little thought and the guidance from Yummy Jobs it isn’t too hard to complete.

To start the process you’ll receive a DS-2019 form from Yummy Jobs in a little pack of documents which basically contains all the information you need for your visa – so keep this safe!

When I received my folder it was 83 days until we fly, now it’s only 11 days!

Yummy Jobs will also email out a pdf detailing all the steps you need to take to complete the visa application and book your appointment at the US Embassy, so make sure you read it through so you definitely fill everything in correctly.

Once you’ve completed your online application you need to book a date and time for your appointment. The only two Embassy options are either Dublin or London, so you need to be able to make your way to one of the two to get your Visa for the program. I’m lucky in that I don’t live too far from London so it was an easy trip for me.

When heading to the Embassy you need to make sure you take all of these forms with you:

  • Passport.
  • DS-2019 Form (signed).
  • DS-160 Confirmation Page – you need to print this off from the visa website but it also gets emailed to you.
  • A copy of your program offer letter from Disney.
  • Embassy Appointment Confirmation page.
  • Receipt from your SEVIS fee payment.
  • A physical passport style photo in size 5×5 (the photo guidelines can be found in the online application).
  • Proof of ties to home (e.g. car insurance documents, phone contract documents etc.)

You may not be asked for all of these forms but it is important you bring them all with you anyway as they may be asked for and required to approve and process your Visa.

Once you have completed the online application, booked your appointment and got all your documents together, it is time to wait for your day to head to the US Embassy.

The US Embassy is in Vauxhall which is located on the Victoria Line of the Underground and the building is a 10 minute walk down the river from Vauxhall station. You can see the building pretty much from when you exit the station so it’s not very hard to find.

My appointment was at 1pm they advise you to arrive 30 minutes beforehand to get through security etc. I actually only got there at about 12:45 but it was okay. We had to queue outside and have our forms checked at a little blue marquee before heading into the first building and going through an airport style security check. We were then directed over to another building where there was a queue to get our sticker numbers for our appointment.

After you get your number you are directed to some elevators which take you to the main hall for the Visa appointments. Here you sit and wait for your number to appear on the screen. Once the number pops up you go to the booth number it says and hand over your forms. They will also take your fingerprints here and scan the Visa photo you brought with you. If you didn’t bring a photo that’s fine, I hadn’t as I didn’t manage to print one in the dimensions they wanted in time and was directed to a booth round the corner where it cost £6 to take and print the photos.

Once they have all your documents and have processed it you will be asked to go wait on the other side of the room until once again your number is called. I think for me it was about a 10 minute wait for the first booth and another 10 minute wait before I was called to the second. Here they get you to scan your fingerprints and ask you about what you are doing, and what your plans are upon returning etc. In my year (2018) they didn’t t ask anyone for the proof of return documents but usually brought up the topic in conversation. It really is just a conversation too, not at all like an interview! Then they will let you know if your Visa has been approved and in my case it was (thank god!) and then let you know it will be delivered or ready to collect (depending on which option you chose) in 3-5 working days.

After that you are free to go! Just head back to the elevators and exit the way you came in past the security.

The obligatory ‘visa appointment photo’ in front of the US Embassy.

It really was such an easy process and for me it probably only took an hour to an hour and a half in total from queueing outside to leaving the building.

After you have your visa approved there is pretty much nothing, at least nothing super official, standing in your way before you head out to Disney World, so it’s time to get even more excited!

Once again, sorry for being so absent and the fact this post is going up unbelievably late! I do have a lot more content planned with my leaving date coming up fast so keep an eye out for more posts popping up very soon!

Yaz x

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