Disney CEP: I am a Yummy Jobs Content Creator?!

Day 9 of the 10 day CEP Countdown.

I am extremely excited to announce that this summer I will not only be blogging for myself but also be taking on the role of a Yummy Jobs Content Creator during my time on the Summer 2019 Disney’s Cultural Exchange Program!

I was accepted as one of their summer content creators last month and I cannot wait to get out to Florida and continue making content about the program and my experience working at Disney World for Yummy Jobs.

As a content creator my job is to be an ambassador for both the Disney Cultural Exchange Program experience and for Yummy Jobs by creating online content and sharing my experience and adventure with you all! However, as well as bringing you the posts here, Yummy Jobs will also be sharing the posts to their social channels.

I have been documenting my CEP experience throughout the application process as it is and had planned to continue so I was over the moon to get this role and I cannot wait to keep making content about my summer and everything that is still to come. If you haven’t seen any of my previous posts you can find them all under the CEP page on my blog.

The chosen content creators were also sent a lovely little pack from Yummy Jobs which included a YJ drawstring bag, a YJ luggage tag, a Summer 2019 journal notebook and pen and a Yummy CC t-shirt (pictured above).

So make sure to keep an eye on this blog and subscribe to my mailing as well as following me over on my Instagram @yazinwanderland to follow my CEP adventure and make sure you don’t miss any posts!

Yaz x

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