Disney CEP: My Summer Travel Plans.

Day 7 of the 10 Day CEP Countdown.

As of today it is 1 week until I move to Walt Disney World for the summer and by this time next week I will have already landed in Orlando, Florida and be officially starting my Disney Cultural Exchange Program adventure!

However, today’s post isn’t about the program itsely but instead about the further travel plans I have for after I finish at Disney World. We are lucky in that our visa grants us 30 days further travel time in the United States and I for one am going to be making the most of that time to explore more of the country while I am there.

This is an outline of my travel itinerary and rough plans so far:

  • 15th June – Fly to Walt Disney World, Orlando.
  • 22nd August – Fly to Los Angeles.
  • 29th August – Fly to San Francisco.
  • 31st August – 2 day Yosemite Tour.
  • 3rd September – Fly to Las Vegas.
  • 5th September – 3 day National Parks Tour.
  • 9th September – Fly to New Orleans.
  • 13th September – Fly to Washington DC.
  • 16th September – Fly to Boston.
  • 19th September – Fly Home!

It’s going to be pretty full on but I cannot wait. I am going to have amazing people by my side from the day I leave to the day I return and I can’t wait to fill this summer with many so new memories.

As of now only the basics are booked but there will be posts coming throughout the whole time I am away from both my time in Florida as well as my post-Disney travels.

If you would like to hear a more detailed itinerary or have any questions about the plans I have within each place then let me know and I can be sure to put together a more in depth post.

Sorry this was short and not that Disney orientated but now I have it all confirmed and booked in I wanted to post about this too! It’s all just too exciting!

Thank you for reading and I’ll see you tomorrow,

Yaz x

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