Disney CEP: Disney Housing.

Day 6 of the 10 day CEP Countdown.

This is a bit of a random one but we selected our housing preferences last week and I haven’t at all spoken about it. So here’s the low down on Disney Program accommodation. After I tell someone that I’m going to work in Walt Disney World for the summer one of the first questions I get is ‘so where are you going to live?’ and the answer is Disney Housing.

Housing at Disney is basically like student flats. You could share with up to 8 others in your apartment and have either one or two other roommates in your bedroom. They have 4 complexes, Vista Way, Chatham Square, Patterson Court and The Commons and each have slightly different perks but ultimately it’s just somewhere to sleep, eat and shower.

Each complex is slightly different and the rent prices reflect this. It is also compulsory for all international program participants to stay in housing and the small amount of rent they charge is automatically deducted from your pay check each week so there’s no hassle with it at all. The prices tend to change slightly each year but for now (2019/2020) this is what the rent is for each apartment type :

This year they also let us link with 3 other people which was unexpected but a lovely surprise as last year you weren’t able to link with anyone.

To apply for your housing preferences you will be sent an email with the link to DORMS where you can fill in all your information and submit your preferences. It will allow you to select your preference of housing complex/apartment size. The top choices that my *hopefully* future roommates and I chose were Chatham Square and Patterson Court, although it isn’t guaranteed we will get them and could be placed anywhere.

At the end of the day though, housing is just a place to sleep and although you may get on well with your roommates and enjoy spending time there it is much more likely you will be wanting to spend your free time out and about in the parks as I know that is my plan!

Any day now we will be getting our arrival itinerary emails which will not only contain our housing complex but also include our job location. I am excited but nervous and each new email or form that comes through just makes it all more real and takes us one step closer to Disney World!

With only six days to go it’s going to be a busy final week. If you have anymore questions on the housing process let me know but I will also be updating on this as and when I get allocated my housing complex as well as the situation when I am actually moved in!

Thank you for reading yet another post. Sorry they have been short and rushed but I have lots to do to get ready and haven’t had as much spare time for these as I had hoped but I’m determined to get something up each day at least.

See you with another post tomorrow!

Yaz x

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