Disney CEP: Plans for my first week in Disney World.

Day 2 of the 10 Day CEP Countdown.

Well… that didn’t go too well, I’m still a day behind. I leave for Florida tomorrow, in ONE DAY… but this is a quick 2 day countdown post because even though I am behind I am determined to get 10 posts out!

So this is a brief summary of my plans for my arrival in Orlando because I have had quite a few people specifically request to know what I’m doing. I haven’t planned out in detail what I’m going to be doing in every moment this first week but this is a general idea of what it may be like as a Disney Cast Member before you get access to the parks!

I fly tomorrow, Saturday 15th June, which is technically two days before our actual program start date and will be staying in Disney’s Art of Animation resort for two nights. I don’t know what the plans are for after check in on Saturday but probably just relax and explore.

On Sunday 16th a large group of us on the program have booked to go to the Ohana Character Breakfast at the Polynesian and I cannot wait! We will probably end up at Disney Springs in the afternoon but there aren’t any set plans on this yet.

On Monday 17th June we move into our housing! My check-in time is at 10:45am. This will be a busy day, moving into our apartments and then going on a massive Walmart shop to get everything we are going to need – including our bed-in-a-bags!

On the Tuesday I have International Onboarding at non other than the Disney Casting Building at the lovely early time of 9:15am. Then later on my Immigration Session at 11am. After morning I have no more meetings that day so will probably end up doing more exploring.

On the Wednesday we have a free day which means either Universal or Resort Hopping or whatever else we feel like doing.

But on Thursday 20th June we have Traditions and oh my goodness I am so excited! I’m in the afternoon at 2:30pm and I can’t wait to finally get to fully experience Traditions and get to visit Disney University! This is something I’ve been buzzing for since before I was even accepted! There is usually a housing welcome event on the Thursday evening so I am hoping to go to that too.

From the Friday I don’t know what my plans will be, whether I’ll be training immediately or have a few days off but I know that as soon as I get a second I’m going to be zooming off to the parks as after Traditions we get our entrance!

Like I said, this is brief but this is my rough plans for the first week of moving to Disney World. It’s going to be full on, both physically and emotionally and I know I’m going to literally on the edge of my seat grinning in every moment for the foreseeable future.

When I’m posting this, it is now only one day until I leave for Florida. Meaning tomorrow is the day I get onto that plane to move to Disney World for the summer. I am excited and a little nervous and frankly still haven’t fully packed. So today I am buying the last few things. packing my suitcase and printing off all my essential documents.

Let the adventure well & truly begin…

Yaz x

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