Disney CEP: So, this is it…

Day 1 of the 10 Day CEP Countdown.

As I am writing this post it has just hit midnight of June 15th which means my countdown is in fact officially over and today I move to Disney World. Right now I am sat on my bed still rearranging, repacking and trying to get the weight down on my suitcase. I like to leave things until the last minute can you tell?

I expect to maybe, if I’m lucky, get a quick power nap in tonight amidst the nerves and excitement. It doesn’t feel real at all. It feels like a dream and it hasn’t even started yet.

The fact that this time tomorrow I will be across the ocean in Orlando, Florida and be in Disney World for the whole summer seems unreal!

My mind won’t stop whirring but I need to try and get in a little bit of rest as from tomorrow it’s going to be a whirlwind three months for sure.

I’ll see you in Orlando!

Yaz x

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